Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dane's 3rd birthday and Halloween!

This was really the only good picture i got of me and the kids in their costumes. It was after trick or treating so Aly was not very happy. Dane had lots of fun. It was really his first time going out. There was only one house that he was unsure of and it was the first house we went to. The guy answered the door in a scary costume and had a dog with him and it scared Dane a little bit.

This is the pumpkin that Dane and daddy carved together. They had a good time. We didn't have any pumpkin carving tools so Thomas went to his truck and got a saw blade and they used that. It worked pretty good.

Dane turned 3 on October 25th. I can't believe he is 3 already. He is so big. Man has he been through alot this year too. He is such a trooper. He is LOVES dinosaurs so of course that is what his birthday had to be. All dinosaurs. He was in heaven.

My cousins CUTE babies. I think it runs in the family that we all have cute babies. Brandon is holding his new baby Ryan. He doesn't look like his daddy at all. In the front is Paiton, Ashley's girl. Both such cute babies.
Of course i had to try out the jumpy house with dane. I couldn't jump last year because i was pregnant with Alysonbut not this year. I think i was more excited than Dane for it. It was a blast. My friend Jen took this picture of me trying to run and jump down the slide. I landed right in the middle of the slide and stuck there.

Dane caught some air standing at the top and jumping down the slide. He had a blast as well. THe Chargers played that day so if you notice we are wearing our jerseys. It was a family thing.
Before you say anything, yes Dane had a pink and purple castle bunce house. Monica called and they told her that it was a prince and princess bounce huse but they lied to her. It was just princess. Oh well. Dane's favorite color is Purple so it didn't matter. We all had so much fun. Even Thomas got in and jumped with us. He did have some trouble though and he fell in the side and had to roll out of the top. He was lying on the ground. It was hilarious.
Me and my favorite sister in law Auntie Raine!

I love this picture. They were takling to eachother and giving eachother kisses. It was so cute. I couldn't resist getting a picture of them giving eskimo kisses. I love my family!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Alyson's new bouncy seat!

I know she is still kind of small for a bouncy seat but we wanted her to have something else to play in. She doesn't quite know what to do in it. Sometimes she bounces her feet but mostly she just sits there.

Daddy was trying to make her smile but she would have none of it. She was just staring at him.

Here is Bubba acting like he hasn't been fed in forever. He is so debrived. I can't believe how skinny he is :)

She still doesn't know what to do with her hands. She keeps them at her sides. It's almost like she doesn't want to move them. She is comfy with her hands at her sides.

Dane still has an obsession with having me take pictures of his toys. Here is a perfect example. He has this little hammer that is supposed to make noise when you hit things with it and he just absolutely had to have a picture taken of it.

My handsome big boy. I can't believe he is going to be 3 in 4 days. He has grown up so fast and been through so muchin the last 3 years. He is such a strong boy. I love you Dane!

Sissy is looking up at brother because he was talking to her and trying to make her laugh. She loves her big brother and he loves his sissy. They are so cute. He always tries to make her calm down when she is crying. What a good big brother.

Giving sissy big kisses for the camera.

She is trying so hard to hold her own bottle. Sometimes her hands get in the way and she pulls her bottle out of her mouth and gets mad. She is so cute. She doesn't look like baby girl in this picture either. If you can't tell, she is wearing her charger gear because it was a CHARGER game day and she has to wear her gear like mommy, daddy, and brother. Soon she will have a jersey like the rest of us. You are so cute my big girl.

That's all the fun this time. Not much to update on. Sunday is Dane's brithday so there will be another blog after that. Hope everyone can come. See you later.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This weekend we decided to drive up to Goose lake and spend a few hours up there. Thomas and Dane were fishing while sissy andi were watching from the shore. We had a great time. Thomas, Dane and i all got sunburnt pretty good. Luckily Alyson was in the shade inher carseat so she got no sun.

Sissy decided she wanted to fall asleep on the job after eating a bottle. She i sso stinkin cute.

Dane really wanted to be with daddy and help him fish. They were so cute together.

Daddy asked Dane if he had to go potty but instead i turned around and he had his pants off and was standing in the water. He really liked that. Then he got tired of standing in the mud, and if you know Dane that was probably already too much dirty for him.
Here she is sleeping again at Ben and Mari Beth's wedding on September 9th. She was really good that night. It was her first long car trip and she slept the whole way. Luckily it wasn't too far to drive.
Asia is going to be such a good babysitter when she gets older. She was giving Aly a bottle and then she got barfed on quite a few times. Then she got her to fall aslepp when no one else could. She is awesome.

One of the many close ups that i got of my beautiful baby girl. She is getting so big. Her eyes are just amazingly beautiful. So blue it's crazy.

She will usually only fall asleep in her swing during the day. Sometimes she will if you are holdingher but the best bet is the swing. This time she was awake and very happy. When you go to talk to her and smile at her she will smile right back at you and it ig gorgeous.

Well for all of you that have been complaining that i haven't updated this is for you.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well i will start off by letting eveyone know this is a picture of a spider that was on Dane's Spiderman toy in his bathtub. He HATES bugs of any kind. Well i take that back. He likes rolly pollies. I took this picture tos how how small it was on the foot of the toy. Ithen scooped it up in a cup and down the toilet it went. Then he got in and played forever.

I was changing my sweet baby girl and she decided she wanted to smile at me as she has just recently started to do. She is so cute i can't stand it. I tried to rotate the picture but my computer is being stupid so it is sideways. Anyways you can still see her cute smile.

Dane wanted to take a bath the other day and out in a color drop. I of course out the pictures in the wrong order but iwill explain then you can look at the pictures. We started off putting in the red/pink drop (bottom picture) and then he wanted to put in a yellow drop (middle picture) and then he wanted to put in a blue drop and it made this wonderful ugly black grey color. He just kept wanting to put more colors in. Unfortunately there are only 3 color drops and you have to ix them to get other colors. He loves it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Here are some more pictures of my babies. This is my cutie after her first poo leakage. She is so freaking cute i can't stand it. She doesn't really like to be naked so it is hard to take pictures of her.

I know it's gross but i had to take a picture of her first explosion. It was disgusting. It was all down her leg and got on her toes. That clean up took alot of wipes. My sweet baby.

Dane, Alyson and I were at Target last week and i saw these bath tablets that color the bath water. They can do a bunch of different colors. This is supposed to be purple. It looked more like a blue color.
This is what it looked like before we added the blue tablet to make it purple. It was more pink then red.
This is the first color. It was green. We did blue and yellow. It was a really pretty color when we did it. He didn't want me to take any of these pictures of him in the bath. He wanted me to take them of his toys instead.

Last sunday we spent the day with Molly, Cavin, Taylor and Trey at her mom's house and went swimming. Dane got really chillie and wanted to be wrapped up in his towel. He had so much fun in the pool that day. We had trouble when it was time to get out. He looks so cute in his cars swimsuit. My big boy!
He loves to give mommy big kisses. Normally he isn't sure he wants his pictures taken but lately he has been letting me take them. I really wanted to get one of him giving me a kiss. You can see baby girl in the background in her swing. She was sleeping as usual.

That's it for now. I hope you enjoy these pictures.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

On thursday we went to ashley's to pick up some pictures that she took of Alyson. She didn't really want to cooperate very much. There are some really good pictures though. She is so cute. Thank you very much to ashley for taking these adorable pictures. I used one of them for her birth announcement. Here are just a few pictures of my sweet baby girl. We love her to death.

Monday, July 27, 2009

I thought I would start updating this since it has been awhile since i have put any pictures up or anything. This is Dane and i cooling off on a hot day in his pool. He loves the pool and the fact that it has a slide. It felt so good to get in the cool water. I love that pool. I havent actually gotten to get in it since Alyson was born but we love it.

This is how big i was 2 days before Alyson was born. I can't believe i still fit in my suits. It was very hot that day. Again cooling off with my baby boy Dane.
This is me in Labor and delivery waiting to be wheeled out to have the C-Section. Don't i look wonderful. I was so hungry and pissed off that they can never get the dang IV in my veins. They put it in my right hand without any lidocaine. It was so horrible. My hand was in pain for awhile. My veins don't like to be poked.

Here is baby Alyson. We finally had a normal size baby. She weighed 8 lbs 1 oz. What a fatty. She is still gaining weight too. All she does is eat. She won't take a bottle either. I don't know what i am going to do when i have to go back to work. She is going to hate me.

Dane loves his baby sister. He wants to hold her and kiss her all the time. He is such a good helper. He tries to console her too when she is crying. He says its ok i'm here, big brother is here. He is so cute.

She loves her swing. During the day that is usually the only way i can get her to sleep unless i am holding her. She is so freaking cute i can't stand it. I can't wait until she gets big enough to start laughing and smiling at me. Although she is starting to smile a little bit. It's very rare but i can occasionally get her to smile at me with certain noises or faces.

We bought her a play toy that she lays under and looks up at toys but she doesn't even care for it now. Only one time did she like lokking up at the toys. Maybe when it is time for tummy time she will like looking in the mirror it has. Oh well. Soon she will love it.

Today i took Dane to the doctor because for the last 3 weeks he has been vomiting and having diarrhea randomly. He only had a fever once though and that was last night. It was 101.9. I figured the doctor wouldn't do anything since they never do for him but we went anyways. She said she thinks he has a stomach bug. He has been saying that his back and stomach hurt. She said that if he continues to have back pain and vomiting with fever then he needs to be tested for UTI. That will be great. She said they would have to put in a cathitor to get urine and test it. She didn't want to do that today since he was of course fine when we were there. Hopefuuly he gets over this soon. She told me to watch it over the next week and see. My poor baby has had such bad luck with being sick and getting treated fast.